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F.H.S. Future High Solutions Corp.,
odštepný závod (“F.H.S.”)

is an internationally oriented company that has been operating in Europe since 2016. For strategic reasons we registered this branch in Prague - in the Czech Republic at the commercial register. We specialize in high-tech products that are not only unique in the EU but also meet high standards. The F.H.S. team offers professional support not only in the selection of IT products but also exclusively in the field of sewage technology in collaboration with the top manufacturer corporation. That corporation is one of the top 3 international manufacturers in this field. We are regularly trained professionally. We speak fluently 6 languages and work closely with the manufacturers internationally and know the relevant contact persons there! Therefore, we can offer you high quality products at a good price / performance ratio.


F.H.S. is a manufacturer of cleaning products for professional/commercial users

Wholesale/retail trade for commercial cleaning products - Grease & oil separator solutions - Disinfectants
EU-wide recognized certified specialist for grease and oil separators according to: DIN EN 1825, parts 1 and 2 as well as DIN 4040 - 100 DIN EN 858, parts 1 and 2 as well as DIN 1999 - 100 Unique selling proposition for grease and oil separators solutions

We are happy to assist you at any time, if you have any questions about one of our high-tech products, need a consultation, want to know something about our services or have questions about our company.

Whether you need a single product or complete IT solutions, we have the right solution for you at reasonable prices. The purpose of F.H.S. is to provide you with a friendly, reasonable, professional and first-class service.



F.H.S. Future High Solutions Corp., odštepný závod

Biskupcova 1845/79, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3

Czech Republic