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We the F.H.S. Future High Solutions Corp. have exclusive distribution rights and the competence to offer professional cleaning supplies here on the market in cooperation with one of the 3 TOP manufacturers in the world, which not only positively affect the grease/oil trap, but also meet the legal EU requirements WITHOUT additional costs and you will save additional costs!!


In accordance to your requirements and issues, we will prepare an individual offer in written form. We will provide you a special offer after we have received all information from you. You can be sure that you receive professional support from us.

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F.H.S. Future High Solutions Corp. reserves the right to alter product offerings or specifications at any time without notice. Product pictured is for illustration purpose only. F.H.S. Future High Solutions Corp. is not responsible for typographic or photographic errors. Promoted information has no contractual effect. Offers are only valid in written form after we have recognized your issue and are subject to availability Promotions may be withdrawn or changed without notice. Consult your local F.H.S. Representative of Future High Solutions Corp. for information about offers in your area. F.H.S., F.H.S. logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of F.H.S. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others


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We are happy to assist you at any time, if you have any questions about one of our high-tech products, need a consultation, want to know something about our services or have questions about our company.

Whether you need a single product or complete cleaning solutions, we have the right solution for you at reasonable prices. The purpose of F.H.S. is to provide you with a friendly, reasonable, professional and first-class service.


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are you interested to offer new top products on the market? We offer them on the Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Hungarian and other markets soon. If you are a good and professional freelancer who is self-employed and would like to offer good unique high-tech products, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us a short e-mail what you have done so far, contact details, telephone No and of course a copy of your trade license. There are other possibilities to wotk with us, too.


We are not providing MLM, insurance or something else like that, but we offer top unique proffesional products on the international market.


All your informationen remains confidential and will not be used for spamming.


We are looking forward to hear from you. After we get your request we would like to meet you personally in Prague.


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